Trifexis Reviews – Is Trifexis any good?

1st image for Trifexis Reviews pageBack when I was ready to try a new flea medication, I spent a lot of time looking for Trifexis reviews. There weren’t a lot of good reviews available in any one place, so I thought you guy might find it helpful for me to write up my own review, and share what I know about the drug, as well as what others have had to say.

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Trifexis Overview

Before talking about the Trifexis reviews, I want to give you a quick product overview, including the pros and cons.

Trifexis is a chewable tablet for dogs that is taken monthly. It’s designed to kill fleas and also serves as a heart worm pill that controls and prevents hookworms, whipworm and roundworm. It’s important to note, however, that it does not control ticks.

The drug is made up of 2 active ingredients: Spinosad & Milbemycin Oxime

Spinosad is the active ingredient that kills fleas. Milbemycin Oxime deals with the worms. Since Trifexis is given orally, the active ingredients work by staying in the blood stream, where as with other medications that are applied topically do not. They work by “spreading” across the surface of the skin.

Advantages of Trifexis

  • Convenient and Easy to administer – It doesn’t get much easier than this. You simply give the tablet to your pet once a month. Since it’s beef flavored, most dogs will eat it right up!
  • Multiple medications combined in one – Since it has both flea and heart medication in it, it saves you from having to give 2 separate medications.
  • Save money – Following up on the last point….since it has both medications in one, you get to save money by not having to buy a separate heart worm medication!
  • Not Messy – Unlike topically applied medications, there is no messy applicators or liquids to deal with….to me, this is the best part!!

Disadvantages and Side Effects

  • Does not work for ticks – Depending on where you live, this can conceivably be a big draw back. Ticks are a pain in the butt, and can be downright dangerous for dogs. I’ve read that you can combine Trifexis with Frontline which would have you completely covered, but I haven’t verified that with a veterinarian, so consult your vet before combining medications.
  • Can Cause Vomiting – I haven’t had any problems with this, but other Trifexis reviews that I found said that their dogs have vomited within hours after administering the medication. Remember: It is important (and clearly stated in the instructions) to give your dog a full helping of food before giving them Trifexis (just like many medications for humans!).
  • Can increase risk of seizures  – If your dog has pre-existing epilepsy, they should not take Trifexis, as it can increase the risk of seizures. If you’re not sure, talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet the medication.
  • Decrease in appetite – Again, this isn’t something I’ve had a problem with, but others have reported a loss of appetite in their pets after giving them the drug.


What others have to say in their Trifexis Reviews

2nd imageAs I mentioned earlier in this review, I spent a lot of time reading other people’s Trifexis reviews before deciding to give it to my beagle. I’ve got to say….it was actually kind of tough to get an idea of how the product performs, and I really had to do some digging.

After an exhaustive amount of searching through a lot of reviews, I came away with 2 things. First, the general consensus is that Trifexis is awesome at killing and preventing fleas! My own experience with the product has yielded the same great results.

Second….there are a number of people who have dealt with negative side effects; mostly the vomiting I mentioned above. There were a couple of people who reported seizures as well.

But I also read a lot of positive reviews; some from people who had been giving Trifexis to multiple dogs every month for up to a year without seeing any negative side effects whatsoever.

One review that I found helpful was written by a veterinarian who pointed out that if Trifexis was causing a lot of serious side effects, that there would be active discussions about it at places like the Veterinary Information Network (don’t bother trying to do a search there; I already tried. It’s only for people who work in the Veterinary field) .

Based on what I could actually find, the general consensus from Veterinarians in regards to Trifexis has been very positive, with most reporting very few or no bad cases involving Trifexis. That includes my own veterinarian (who uses Trifexis herself for her own 3 dogs).


So should you try Trifexis? Well, that’s really only a decision that you can make. Some of the bad reviews I read made me a little nervous, but after talking with my veterinarian I decided to give it a try and have been very happy with it. It kills fleas like a champ (much better than Frontline used to for me), and it just so convenient, since it’s in pill form.

To this day, my beagle hasn’t had any negative side effects, nor have I spoken with anyone personally who have dealt with any negative side effects from my local area.

I hope me taking the time to tell you about the Trifexis reviews I went over have been helpful. If you’ve decided to give Trifexis a try then I would encourage you to head over to the main page of the website to see where I buy Trifexis online at ridiculously cheap prices and read my full review. Just click the link below!

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