My Review for Cheap Trifexis – Buy for $79.95

1st main Picture for Buy Trifexis Online - contains link to purchase cheap.What’s the Top Website to Purchase Trifexis For Cheap?

If you’ve found this site, you are probably looking to  buy Trifexis online cheap. Well good news: You’ve found the right place!
I recently did the same thing, spending a lot of time looking at different websites (as well as local vets and stores) to check prices for Trifexis. I finally came across a company online that had great pricing, where you could purchase Trifexis for a lot less money…the company is CanadaPetCare.
The remainder of this page will pretty much talk about my experience with them, when I made a recent order for Trifexis. If you don’t feel like taking the time to read my review, and just want to order, just click the link over to the right, and it will take you there now. Otherwise, read on for my review!

The Best Place to Buy Trifexis Online Cheap- My review!

I’ve always been nervous dealing with companies I don’t know or haven’t been referred to, especially  when spending big money on something.  So naturally, I want to check out any site I am considering ordering  from.

When I finally decided Trifexis would be best for my beagle, I checked out many different online sources, since buying this at my vet’s office would have bankrupted me!  Many of the usual vendors who advertise a lot  were asking up towards $110 for a six month supply.  So for me, any savings was worth looking at!

We’ve Found Our Winner!

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My Beagle takin’ a snooze!

In my search I came across CanadaPetCare and found I could order Trifexis MUCH cheaper. (I really never understood why an annual heartworm test and prescription is even needed if you maintain giving heart worm pills every month….but that’s another subject!) So, I feel comfortable giving a commonly required med to my dog without a prescription, which means even more savings.

Having never heard of them before I wanted to be cautious before ordering. Though there wasn’t a lot of feeback to be found, what I did find was mostly positive, which is good considering I find many people only take time to write when they are disappointed in a product or service. I also wanted to make sure there would be good customer service in case I had questions or shipping problems, since they ship out of Australia. (Communication with them is done by email, versus the phone, which is understandable.) Any and all information I did ask for was responded to promptly, which is a big plus in my book!

Time to Make a Purchase?

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Picture of Trifexis Bought Online for Cheap!

After making the decision to order,  the process went smoothly. CanadaPetCare uses Paypal for making payment, which suits me fine since I get the buyer protection for my purchases. The order arrived a lot sooner than I expected, in only a week. The Trifexis packaging was secure, but easy to open with a pull tab.

The one thing I was concerned about with ordering meds from an unfamiliar place online was product expiration, which I checked immediately upon opening. This was no problem at all, as the time frame for use was 2 years!

I now  feel very good about using them to buy Trifexis online, as the whole process went very smoothly and the savings are BIG!  I would recommend them to anyone else wanting to save money AND time……Give them a try!

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